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We believe in a future where people are pouring out of their office blocks and places of work at the end of the working day with their cup full. Feeling fulfilled. Feeling like what they do matters.  Feeling like they are working toward their potential. Knowing that they are cared for. Feeling able to go home to be the best partner, parent or contributing member of society they can be.  

We believe in organisations being successful - fulfilling their purpose - with their teams right there with them believing in the organisation and cheering for its success. 

Leaders have the choice of creating this future.

Our job is to help you do that.


Who are we?

A collection of senior practitioners committed to human potential and organisational success

Leanne Holdsworth

Leanne has consulted to organisations around the area of sustainable development, leadership and organisational culture and corporate social responsibility for 14 years. Originally a chartered accountant she brings her commercial understanding together with a deep passion for human fulfillment. 
Her focus is on creating human centered organisations, creating shared accountability and therefore alignment between who you say you are as an organisation, as teams and as individuals and what you actually do and how you behave. 
Areas of specialisation: Organisation culture change, Cross organisation shared ownership, Deep leadership development
Mindset study groups and coaching

Felicity Waterford

Felicity offers exceptional skills and experience in  transformational facilitation, cross functional team building, strategy and  executive coaching across leadership and communication disciplines. Felicity  develops people's skills in dealing with the tough issues in a safe  environment. 
She brings 14 years of global experience in design and facilitation of personal  mastery programs that are highly motivational and experiential.
Areas Of Specialisation
•Leadership Development
•High performance Team Building
•Conversational Intelligence
•Executive Coaching

Louise Marra

Louise's leadership experience has spanned all sectors having held senior leadership and governance roles within Government, the private sector, philanthropy and the NGO sector.   Her passion is to help build the next era of conscious leadership and conscious organisations and relationships robust enough to enable radical innovation for an emergent approach to personal, social and environmental change.

Judith Eastgate

Judith has worked with people in both the public and private sector in the Asia Pacific region for over 25 years. She is committed to impacting the future of NZ through working with leaders and teams in our organisations. She leaves people fulfilled, proud of their high performance and what it provides individuals and communities.

Areas of specialisation include:

  • Leadership & team development

  • Strategy to execution and developing alignment between Senior Teams and Boards

  • Aligning values and behaviours with purpose/strategy

Sarrah Jane

Sarrah is passionate about empathy and learning, she has developed and delivered communication skills training to hundreds of students. She is a talented facilitator, coach and speaker in the tech industry and has a background in wellbeing.



Sustainable Cultural Transformation. Leadership Development. Mind-set development

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Sustainable Cultural Transformation

This programme is for organisations interested in “shifting the dial” of work being places where human beings thrive and can leave work at the end of the day fulfilled.
It does this through nurturing personal leadership across the organisation and setting the conditions for staff-led ownership of culture. By having a say in “how we treat each other as human beings”, staff are more invested in playing their part.

Leadership Development

Our sustainable leadership development programmes are designed to enable sustainable leadership through expanding consciousness, new ways of thinking and shifting mindset coaching, development training and advisory work with you and your people team.

Finance Consultancy

Mind-set Development

Through mind set training, employees have the opportunity to explore where their greatest obstacles to performing at their potential are. Exploring blind-spots, understanding their immunity to change.  We also offer support for whole-person training; mindfulness practice, emotional intelligence and resilience.


I have known Leanne for many years and, over the past 18 months, have engaged her to help create and support our key cross-department leadership initiative for the Environmental Services Department at Auckland Council. Leanne has demonstrated her exceptional skills in facilitation and human-centred leadership throughout this ongoing project. She has been a critical part of the success to date, in particular generating ownership and enthusiasm across Environmental Services Department staff at all levels of seniority. Leanne has the ability to inspire and motivate those around her and I have no hesitation in recommending her for similar strategic cultural change and leadership development work.

Gael Ogilvie 
GM Environmental Services, Auckland Council

Leanne has supported the Ministry of Natural Resources in building the strength of the lead team, and supporting our work in building a culture of fulfillment for the staff across the Ministry. Leanne’s wealth of experience in this area shone through as the lead team came together through the process to deepen their own personal leadership and find new ways of building a shared staff-owned culture.  I would highly recommend the services of Leanne to any organisation who wants to raise the level of staff engagement and get the best out of their people as well as build the leadership capacity of their senior people.

Dr Josie Tamate, Director General, Ministry of Natural Resources, Niue


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